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Algolytics partners with Data Science Summit (ML Edition)

Over 3.000 people on the virtual hall. Over 1.000 registered participants, and 1st such event in the CEE region dedicated entirely to Machine Learning. Algolytics Technologies became the partner of Data Science Summit (ML edition) – the event that took place June 18th, 2021.

The heart of Machine Learning beats in Central Europe

Year by year, the data science-savvy minds from the CEE region gather at Data Science Summit. However, in 2021 the event has been postponed until December, which resulted in the additional, brand-new conference dedicated entirely to Machine Learning. The online Data Science Summit (ML edition) took place on June 18th, and… No wonder why first such summit in the CEE region resulted in over 3.000 people on a virtual hall – about 70 lectures by ML experts and the Meet The Employers panel caused Central Europe to become the beating heart of the Machine Learning industry.

The Data Science Summit (ML edition) participants took the opportunity to network with Machine Learning experts, among whom was the event partner – Algolytics Technologies – that creates business boosting solutions (finance, e-commerce, logistics, telecommunication, and more) based on proprietary technology.

While most of the industry events are being postponed or canceled…

‘It is not a coincidence we sponsored Data Science Summit (ML edition) while most of the industry events are being postponed or canceled.’ – said Paweł Grzybowski, COO at Algolytics Technologies. ‘Being aware that behind every venture are real people, during such challenging times it is our responsibility to create new, but safe networking possibilities. And since in Algolytics we are developing proprietary ML based solutions, we could not be prouder to participate in Data Science Summit and its first edition entirely dedicated to Machine Learning. We were devoted to support this online event in becoming the ML-focused place for every participant willing to join us… and over 3000 of those people on the virtual hall proved that Data Science Summit indisputably succeeded.’

Is it time for proprietary Machine Learning technologies?

Speaking about devotion – during the event, the company’s representatives were Marcin Woch and Paweł GrzybowskiAlgolytics Board Members, who were available to talk with every attendee: from other industry experts to job or advice seekers. One of the hot topics was Algolytics’ proprietary technology and implementation, e.g., the one for DHL Parcel. Considering the number of participants interested in such ready-made ML solutions, the question arises: Is it the prime time for proprietary business technologies?

‘We have created Machine Learning solutions available off the-shelf, which allowed us to focus on the quality we are delivering to our customers – aiming to power their businesses with data. Hence, this Algolytics’ approach, considering the increasing number of available data and ongoing digital transformation, is causing such interest in our solutions’. – summed up Paweł Grzybowski.

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