Case Study

Car parts wholesaler

See how one of the major car parts wholesaler identifies fraud, enhances stock planning and forecasts the demand for car parts.


~ 100 000 clients

Differences between the quantity of products in stock and between the quantity in the warehouse system (fraud detection).

How to optimize debt

Unscheduled, unusual changes in the quantity of products in stock.

Often occurring late payments

Often occurring late payments.


Algoline models implementation

Algoline models implementation – solution which informs about incorrect storage records.

Early warning of product unavailabilit

Early warning of product unavailability in warehouses.

Assessment model of the counterparty

Assessment model of the counterparty in terms of the risk of default on time.

Detection of relationships

Detection of relationships between counterparties that may affect payment behavior.


Repair of processes

Repair of processes related to the flow of goods.

Forecasting the quantity

Forecasting the quantity of goods in a given period.

Identification of fraud scenarios

Identification of fraud scenarios.

Stock planning

Stock planning based on customer segmentation.

Comprehensive solution to detect fraud.

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