Algoline – Anti-fraud

Choose Algoline – Anti-fraud if you want to:

Eliminate unreliable counterparties

Eliminate unreliable counterparties

Identify fraud

Identify fraud

Algoline Risk ico 3

Detect liquidity problems of your counterparties

Be informed of suspicious activity

Eliminate unreliable payers early in the process

Optimize risk management

Optimize risk management

Identify and prevent fraud easily!

Benefits / Functionalities

  • Identification of fraud scenarios
  • Optimization of internal security procedures
  • Detection of relationships between counterparties that may affect payment behavior – Social Network Analysis
  • Identification of unscheduled and unusual changes in the processes
  • Anomalies detection
  • Monitoring transactions in real-time
  • Tracking user movements on websites to detect fraudulent actions
  • Reporting module
  • Real-time alerts
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