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Bonprix Polska

Bonprix Polska: Higher operational efficiency thanks to standardization of address data


~ 100 000 clients

Low data quality

Inconsistent recording of customer data due to two order channels: www and Call Center.

Often occurring late payments

Manual verifications

Lack of the possibility to link new orders with customers already present in the database. The need for manual verification of 15-30% orders (depending on the country).

Unsatisfied customers

Unsatisfied customers

Agents made mistakes resulting in incorrect assignment of orders to accounts. As a result, some customers did not receive their orders at the correct address.


Data standarization

99% accuracy of address data standardization.

The application works through an API and cleans up data in incoming orders in real-time with 99% accuracy in Poland.

Processes automations

Process automation

Processes are independent of hours and days, and correct – with no risk of human error.

The solution has been implemented in the following countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary.


Guaranteed delivery time

Reduced delivery time

The reduction in order handling time has enabled orders to be passed more quickly to the warehouse, which has contributed to shorter delivery times.

Time reduction

30 times less orders requiring manual verification

Automation of the order processing and minimization of manual work.

Improvement of customer service

Improvement of Call Center service quality and cost reduction

Call center agents gained more time that they could dedicate to streamlining internal processes and increasing phone availability. In the case of external CC agencies, the number of required employees was reduced, resulting in cost reduction.

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    “The introduction of standardization has eliminated all problems associated with Call Center (CC) agents participating in the manual address verification process for orders. With approximately 99% orders that go through the entire process fully automatically and without any human intervention, we can deliver packages to customers within 2 business days in Poland. Previously, such a result would have been impossible to achieve or would have only applied to customers whose orders had gone through the previously used and far from perfect path of automatic verification.”

    Marcin Wendrychowicz, Director of IT/ISO at Bonprix.

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