Model deployment made easy

Algolytics Scoring.One is a tool that allows to implement predictive models into production in just a few minutes. Data scoring processes, even the most complex ones, can be defined in a simple way using drag & drop technique.

Deploy your predictive models in seconds. No IT needed.

Deployment of predictive models can last weeks or even months. It requires lots of time and effort. Let’s face it – you have more important things to do!

That’s why we have simplified the whole process. With Algolytics Scoring.One it only takes just a few clicks to get your predictive models running. No more waiting for IT to make it possible.

Deploy your predictive models in seconds. No IT needed
Automate the data scoring process

Automate the data scoring process

With Algolytics Scoring.One you can easily design your own data scoring scenario using a drag & drop technique.

Combine various models, data sources, custom rules and trigger the desired action (e.g. sending an SMS to a customer or API call).

The possibilities are endless!

High performance of data scoring

Algolytics Scoring.One makes it possible to score thousands of requests/records per second, for dozens of predictive models and scenarios at the same time. A perfect real-time decisioning solution for personalizing your website according to those who visit it!

High performance of data scoring

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Online scoring

Score data in an efficient way, you can plug it directly to your website, with no additional middleware required

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Batch scoring

Score whole data set with various data flows possible ( DB->SE->DB, MQ->SE->DB … )

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Access from various platforms and languages

Features ico 4

Elastic deployment

Both in the Cloud and On-premise are possible

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Easy integration

Connect to services within your infrastructure or third party like risk agencies

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Elastic approach to scoring

Execution of a scoring mechanism by using different techniques (cross-checking, expert rules or statistical models)

Features ico 7

Fast and easy decision scenario design

Support for SQL language (including analytical functions)

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Both models and scenarios are versioned, so you can always return to the stable past, just within a click

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Models in various forms

Deploy models from your favourite tool. Models in form of PMML (form e.g. R) and Java are accepted. And we’re working on even more…

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