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3 clicks and 20 s - it only takes this much to get a social loan from epeer. This is possible thanks to using pioneering software from Algolytics Technologies and cooperation of the two companies and their R&D departments. The created scoring solution produces its outcome in less than 0,1s!

The cooperation between Algolytics and epeer resulted in a pioneering on the FinTech market credit scoring system. The use of strict anti-fraud safeguards means that only necessary data is processed, and the borrower does not have to provide, among others, the purpose of the social loan.


3 taps

3 taps

to receive a social loan


20 s

full time of loan granting process


0.1 s

query response time

About solution:

„Multi-computing Machine Learning solutions in a user-friendly interface is a project that requires experience – and Algolytics has it. The result of our joint activities? An innovative implementation in the financial sector, thanks to which epeer gained a significant market advantage: widely acknowledgeable quality, speed, and reliability of loan services with minimized risk of default among a wide group of customers.”

Maciej Jarząb, CEO, epeer

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