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Automation and optimization of contractor credit scoring

Meet PGE

The PGE Capital Group is the largest company in the Polish electric power sector in terms of revenue and generated profits. The Group is also one of the largest employers in Poland, providing employment to over 40,000 people across the country.

Challenges we took on 🚀

~ 100 000 clients

Manual processes

The solution for assessing the risk of cooperation with specific contractors required manual data entry from various sources.

Processes automations

Time-consuming credit scoring

Manual processes resulted in prolonged and error-prone credit score assessment.

We automated processes 💡

Data standarization

Scoring model optimization

The new model uses various behavioral, geographical and financial indicators alongside historical collaboration data.

Processes automations

Process automation

The entire process of data retrieval, company assessment, and outcome oversight has been automated using our platform.

Tangible business benefits ✅

Guaranteed delivery time

A 20% time reduction in credit score acquisition

Automatic data retrieval and internal rating estimates have reduced manual labor (collecting and entering data)

Time reduction

Reduced operational risk

Potential errors which tend to occur during manual data entry have been eliminated.

Improvement of customer service

Optimized credit scoring process

Contractors with weaker financial conditions are identified with higher precisio, thereby reducing associated credit risks for PGE.

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