Case Study

Blue chip telco

See how blue chip telco increased sales by 9% to 25% (depending on the channel) through implementation of Algoline-CRM.


Broadening a customer base

Broadening a customer base – activation of customers with negative credit history.

Increasing sales of higher price

Increasing sales of higher price range services and products.

Broadening customer base

Broadening customer base with more than one product/service.


Implementation of Algoline models to serve customers who wish to undertake financial commitments.

The system enables presenting to such customers offers of a higher value (e.g. higher subscription, more expensive mobile phone).


Maintaining credit losses at the assumed level

Maintaining credit losses at the assumed level and simultaneously significant increase of sale in high risk sector.

Increase in sale

Increase in sale from 9% to 25% depending on the channel.

Sales increase and target market broadening.

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