Customer Intelligence

Sell more. Recommend effectively.

The key to success for many companies is an individualized customer approach and a well established customer relationship.

Choose Algoline – Customer Intelligence if you want to:

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Offer fully bespoke solutions for your clients

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Increase your cross-selling

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Reduce customer loss

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Use social networks for customer research

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Correct incomplete client data

Algoline – Customer Intelligence Examples

Segmentation and customer profiling We are currently modifying our offer and we want to optimize, in order to meet the needs of various clients. Segmentation is based on grouping together clients who have similar profiles and behaviors based on various characteristics e.g. demographics or behavioral data.
  • Automatic recognition of a specific group of clients
  • Determination of client profile which is specific for a given sector
  • Discovery of a “niche” groups of clients
Churn analysis (risk of customer loss) We want to determine profile of clients, which will resign from our services in order to undertake retention actions. Analysis estimates the probability in, which a given client will resign at a given moment from our services and/or choose a competitive offer.
  • Identifying clients which may resign from our services with higher probability
  • Undertake retention actions at the right time to stop clients from churning

Lower the cost of reaching clients!

Benefits of implementation

Benefits of implementation

  • You will increase effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and lower their cost
  • You will have the ability to forecast on the basis of reliable prediction models
  • You will increase your sales in high-return sectors
  • You will systematically gather information about your clients
  • You will increase the loyalty and satisfaction of your clients, while reducing the possibility of a client transitioning to the competition
  • You will apply an adequate pricing and promotion policy

For over 15 years we have been helping our Clients to:

  • Broaden their customer base
  • Adjust the price to customers’ risk
  • Increase the effectiveness of recommendations
  • Decrease the churn rate
  • Increase conversions of CRM campaigns
  • Improve quality of databases
  • Limit fraud
helping our Clients

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