Big Data Analytics

Big data is a new concept in data analytics, that is crucial for every company that wants to have as complete information about its customers – a 360 degree customer view.

This requires combining the traditional, structured and relational based approach for data modeling with unstructured data from different sources, like web logs, call center transcripts, Internet forums.

We offer tools for Big Data analysis that address their four key characteristics (the so called 4V):

    • Variety: ability to work with various data types, using our text mining, social network analysis and integration tools that enable work with structured and unstructured data together
    • Volume: handling huge data volumes with our built-in analytical database (for structured data) and Hadoop connector (for unstructured data)
    • Velocity: processing fast growing data amounts thanks to tools such as Scoring Engine and modeling automation in StatC Analytical Environment
    • Veracity: handling various level of data reliability with our Data Quality Module and Data Quality Controller

Our integrated analytical tools such as AdvancedMiner system or AdvancedMiner Social Network Analysis allow to merge data from various sources and to perform Big Data analytical tasks.

Thanks to our software tools and data mining experience, Algolytics provides Big Data analytics solutions, including software and services for extended customer analytics. The customer analytics considering not only traditional information systems for structured data, but also various social connections of the customers and new unstructured data sources using Big Data technologies.

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