New Data Dimension with AlgoMaps – part 3 – focus on Customer Experience (Location Intelligence series)

Previous publications have covered the topics of geocoding and ‘golden record’ in databases. It is then high time for Location Intelligence in the context of customer experience – considering as the recipient of a package, as the user of a website or application.

However, we will not debate on the consumer touchpoints – this is indicated by the algorithms of Algolytics technology. Instead, we will focus on ready-made solutions, answering the question:

How much does your business gain from address autocomplete?

Win-win – both for the user and for the business

On the one hand, autocomplete makes it easier for the user of your website to enter data (e.g. into a form). On the other hand, it ensures that the target database receives standardized and high-quality data. Nowadays, autocomplete functionality alone is almost standard on websites or applications that allow users to enter address data. So, if you’re in e-commerce, telecommunications, logistics, restaurant industry, or you create websites/mobile applications, you already know it is worth making it easier for users of your solutions to enter address data. Such real-time autocomplete prompts (based on typed letters) for standardized values of address components, i.e.:

  • city name,
  • street,
  • building number,
  • postal code.

Your business also benefits from such facilitation. By suggesting standardized values of address components to the user, you provide your database with high quality data. Then, by geocoding it, you take care of the final customer experience. You may ask: how?

Autocomplete to guard the Customer Experience

  • The enhanced user experience of your website or application – by making it easier for users to enter data – improved user experience of your website or application – by making it easier for users to enter data, you minimize, i.e., the risk that a customer will abandon the shopping cart of your e-commerce store;
  • Improved quality of address data collected in your database – data entered by the user is standardized based on valid address registers. You can use this data to analyze and plan effective sales strategies/campaigns in accordance with a given location;
  • You get a ready-made solution – you don’t have to worry about keeping the service up-to-date and high quality, AlgoMaps does it for you!

Autocomplete address data – how does it work?

AlgoMaps performs the autocomplete process using standardized (according to registry data) address component values, which ensures that the data delivered to the database is of the highest quality. It is also worth noting that the service operates intuitively from the general to the specific. First, the user indicates the name of the city/town, to which the set of suggested streets is then narrowed, and after selecting the street, the set of suggested building numbers. If these three values are filled in, the postal code is completed automatically! This is particularly important because it is the postal code that usually causes the greatest difficulty for users and generates the biggest number of errors (outdated code, entered in different way, etc.) in databases.

You can see how AlgoMaps works and how fast it autocompletes address data by using the demo.

An example of a form with the autocomplete service is shown below:


Example of address autocomplete process made with AlgoMaps.

How to benefit from AlgoMaps autocomplete?

The services are implemented via WebService/API. If you’ve been following our series from the beginning, you already know that you also get standardization and geocoding functionality as part of the API, and all services work with a single token (generated when you create a free account). You can also keep track of how many times each service has been queried within a given key. The documentation of the autocomplete service itself is clear and intuitive, which makes its implementation a matter of just 1 day! What’s more, you always get 1000 free queries.

And in the next article, you will learn how AlgoMaps helps you enrich your data with additional information – to always make the right business decisions.

Stay tuned!

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