Algoline platform hailed as Polish Innovation in Big Data!

On April 20, in the BIG Data Awards Gala, we received a prize in the BIG DATA Congress: Think Big CEE competition for Polish Innovation. The award in this category is given to outstanding Polish companies for introducing groundbreaking technologies and for having real impact on the shaping of the market.

We have been awarded for developing Algoline, a platform for predicting business events in real time. Presided over by prominent representatives of business, government administration, sciences and journalism, the jury of the competition appreciated the innovative and unique qualities of our product, which results from combining the automation of predictive analytics with Big Data technology.

Our goal was to create a solution that would enable virtually any company to efficiently use the available data. says Arkadiusz Ziemba, CEO of Algolytics. In Algoline, we did our best to use all of our expertise and many years of experience in projects created for many renowned brands in Poland.

Algoline Platform

Thanks to its automatic construction and updating of predictive models, Algoline makes it possible to adapt and adjust decision rules to changing conditions (e. g. a change in customer behavior) as new data and information flows in. The automation of predictive model creation is our strong response to the nagging industry problem, which is insufficient numbers of qualified data analysts.

With Big Data technology, Algoline can be used everywhere where high-efficiency performance and high speed of data processing are required, like for examplecustomer behaviour analysis website in real time. This will allow the instant matching of its appearance and content to individual customer preferences (e. g. displaying credit card deals instead of deposit offers). Game developers, on the other hand, will certainly appreciate the automatic real-time selection of optimal strategy of interaction with billions of players out of hundreds of possible behaviour scenarios for each of them (e.g. displaying content that encourages the player to complete the purchase).

About the competition

The competition is held as part of Big Data Congress: Think BIG CEE and its objective is to reward those who have significantly contributed to the development of Big Data-related technology in Poland, as well as the most effective implementations and most interesting solutions.Prizes are awarded in four categories: Man of the Year, Supplier of the Year, Solution of the Year and Polish Innovation.

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