Algoline – Data Quality

Choose Algoline – Data Quality if your database, CRM, SAP or other system…

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contains errors, e. g. typing errors

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contains duplicate values

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is incomplete

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is not updated regularly

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contains data in a non-uniform format

Algoline – Data Quality – on-line (SaaS), user friendly, GDPR ready!

How it works?

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Standardization of address data (e.g. elimination of typing errors in names of towns, and uniformity of street names)

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Checking the correctness of data (e. g. NIP and PESEL numbers, telephone formats, etc.)

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Elimination of duplicated records

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Enrichment and geocoding

Completing the data with missing or additional information, e. g. postal codes, information on buildings (type, number of inhabitants), geographical coordinates.

Online application – screens

Example 1: Login to the application
Example 1: Login to the application
Example 2: A list of completed tasks
Example 2: A list of completed tasks

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