konferencja machine learning

Algolytics partners with Data Science Summit (ML Edition)

Over 3.000 people on the virtual hall. Over 1.000 registered participants, and 1st such event in the CEE region dedicated entirely to Machine Learning. Algolytics Technologies became the partner of Data Science Summit (ML edition) – the event that took place June 18th, 2021.

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people with cellphones

6 steps to increase online sales and minimize unpaid transactions rate (on the example of a telecommunication company)

How to increase sales in your online store? A lot of articles have already been written about SEO strategy or UX best practices - so today we are not talking about that.

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Cloud Servers

The Cloud – servers of the future in 2021

In every campaign you run, each customer you gain, any optimization you make - data is the new oil. Accordingly, to boost your business engine you have to ingeniously assure data integrity, data quality, data access, and data safety.

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Multi-channel marketing campaign optimization system

A real-time application based on predictive Data Mining algorithms, supporting the selection of offers, products and/or additional services, as well as the selection of channels of communication with customers.

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Analiza sieci społecznych

Social Network Analysis

Whisper marketing and influencer marketing are important elements of many marketing campaigns. Dissemination of product information by a friend in specific target groups is much more powerful than advertising targeted directly at all people in a given community. It is natural, that we trust the recommendation of a friend rather than the marketing message of the company. Therefore, it is important to identify people who have the potential to influence their community.

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Algorithm maximizing revenue from marketing campaign – application of GDBase

Creating a marketing campaign to gain leads may involve several problems, which are problemtic and tedious to solve. Thus, we want to build an algorithm that will maximize the expected revenue taking into account the limitation concerning number of offers sent to each lead in one message.

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Visual data mining – Freq

What is a Freq tool?

Freq is a tool for visual data exploration using the Advanced Miner software. The advantages of Freq are innumerable, however, at the beginning, it is worth mentioning the following: quick overview of the attributes and calculation of their statistics, visual comparison of attributes, possibility of limiting data to specific classes, as well as export to Excel spreadsheets. In this post we will present the possibilities of Freq through operations on simple databases.

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Building predictive models in AdvancedMiner

Tutorial: Building predictive models in AdvancedMiner

In this tutorial you will learn how to build a predictive model using AdvancedMiner in a few simple steps. First of all, go to the free AdvancedMiner download page.

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R SaaS

Tutorial: How to publish script in R as a Web Service?

Imagine that you have built a predictive model with R and you would like to predict in real time, whether it is profitable to grant a loan and you wonder how to publish the script written in the R language as a Web Service.

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Lead scoring

How to run a successful sales campaign to existing customers

According to Forrester, it costs 5x more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones. Another study shows that returning customers spend 30% more than new customers and are more willing to purchase new items from the offer of the vendor.

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Na czym polega aproksymacja i klasyfikacja

Approximation or Classification – which one to choose?

Among the many decisions you’ll have to make when building a predictive model is whether your business problem is either a classification or an approximation task. It’s an important decision because it determines which group of methods you choose to create a model: classification (decision trees, Naive Bayes) or approximation (regression tree, linear regression).

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Krzywa LIFT

Tutorial: How to establish quality and correctness of classification models? Part 5 – Lift curve

In this part of the tutorial you will learn more about definition and types of lift curves, accumulated LIFT with percentage scale how to construct a LIFT curve. You will gain more information about the accumulated LIFT with percentage scale and other types of LIFT curves.

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