Geospatail database for Poland

Algolytics makes the first Polish spatial database available on Snowflake’s Data Cloud

Algolytics’ partners and Snowflake customers will gain access to the first Polish spatial data on Snowflake’s Data Marketplace accelerating the support of Location Intelligence and Business Intelligence development.

Extra spatial data insight on demand

Algolytics Technologies announced the availability of the Buildings Spatial Database for BI and ML (Poland) on Snowflake’s Data Marketplace. Snowflake customers can now securely work across their systems on the best-quality database in the CEE region provided by Algolytics. The precise geolocation, demographic, macroeconomic, POIs (and more) data are now available to gain extra insight for spatial analysis, add geographical dimension to Business Intelligence reports, or improve marketing campaign results through precise targeting.

Complete, valid, and standardized data in one place

About 15.000.000 households, 9.000.000 buildings, and 20.000 postal codes are now accessible for every business on the Snowflake platform. The quality of such a huge database is proven by the Algolytics customer portfolio – where one may find e.g., the logistics and e-commerce leaders.

Marcin Woch, Algolytics CEO, said – “In Algolytics we aimed to create the complete database that allows the business optimization, growth, and acceleration – and Buildings Spatial Database for BI and ML is a result of years of work. The crucial phase was to take care of our data validity through standardization of data from internal and external sources which are all GDPR compliant. Then, we decided to monthly benchmark our data quality for Poland with other providers, and we are pleased to announce our proven SLA is as high as 99% – which is significantly higher than the results of alternative sources. The next step was to make the database available for every business in need… And we could not be prouder that we partnered with Snowflake on this project.”

The first such database for Poland

Tomasz Mazurek, Sales Director for Eastern Europe at Snowflake, welcomed Algolytics on the cloud marketplace – “We are proud to announce Algolytics Technologies and their Buildings Spatial Database for BI and ML available on Snowflake as the first Polish database, and as one of the first databases in the CEE region. Such partnerships allow our customers to leverage data-driven business results. Reliable providers as Algolytics on our platform make it possible to flawlessly address the constantly growing data demand – and in Snowflake, we aim to make various data operations and processes as intuitive, as possible.”

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