An extremely important aspect of any business activity today is the need to identify and manage risk. Algolytics delivers software and services designed to support businesses and institutions in efficient handling of various risk factors.

Our offer includes:

  • A wide range of analytical and consulting services for managing:
    • Credit risk
    • Market risk
    • Operational risk
  • The construction of scoring and rating models based on customer data
  • Deployment of scoring systems which automate the decision making processes
  • Complex analysis of debt-collection processes and its optimization
  • Analytical software and services for fraud and abuse detection
  • Training courses on credit scoring, risk management and fraud detection


  • Smaller share of „difficult customers” in the receivables portfolio
  • Satisfying the requirements of financial supervisory authorities concerning capital requirements
  • Minimization of losses resulting from market fluctuations
  • Automation of criminal offence prevention
  • Increased effectiveness of debt collection
  • Quicker repayments of arrears by debtors

Selected projects:

Alior Bank – Deployment of scoring system automating the process of evaluating credit applications (see details)

Alphabet, BMW Group – Leasing applications scoring (see details)

BRE Bank Hipoteczny – Deployment of system for calculating and reporting the Bank’s exposure to market risk (see details)

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