Market behavior forecasting

Market behavior forecasts can be useful in planning of long-term business strategies. The forecasts may concern, for instance, the markets of essential resources (such as electric power, food resources, pharmaceuticals). Alternatively, one may want to predict market demand for products and the resulting sales and distribution trends.

The shaping of the market depends on different, varying economic conditions and random factors. In order to tie all these together, advanced statistical solutions are required.
In order to meet the demand for market behavior forecasting we have prepared an offer which includes:

  • Construction of forecasting models
    • characteristics of current or potential markets,
    • sales trends and other economic indicators,
    • product sales profits.
  • Deployment of a web service for generating, visualizing and reporting forecasts and possible scenarios

Our solutions are capable of producing reliable market trend forecasts basing on statistical analysis of historical data (including internal databases, Eurostat or GUS statistics, internet portals).
Additionally, it is possible to:

  • create various forecasts scenarios (such as optimistic or pessimistic variants,
  • use “what-if” analyses (such as change of trands in the case when new market regulations are introduced).


  • More accurate planning and estimation of budget for forthcoming time periods based on objective forecasts in the form of quantitative data
  • Optimal production and distribution management
  • Better understanding of the causes for emergence of new market trends by virtue of analyzing the roles of various factors in the forecast

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