Data quality

Data quality is a key concept of contemporary information management for many businesses. As the virtualization and complexity of the delivered services grow, the size and diversification of data stored by businesses increases. Frequently crucial business operations, such as direct communication with customers or order deliveries, depend on this data.

At the same time, the data used in everyday operations frequently suffers from missing values and errors or lack of integrity. Using inaccurate or disturbed data in significant business activities and basing decisions on it may lead to significant losses. We offer data quality software and services in the following areas:

  • Verification of technical and business accuracy of the input data
  • Verification of the requirements the data has to meet
  • Verification of outliers and missing values
  • Checking the coherence of dictionaries
  • Joining databases from different sources with incompatible data formats
  • Cleaning customers’ address data, validation of such information as companies’ names, names/surnames, telephone numbers, postal codes etc.
  • Deployment of a software for data quality management
  • Geocoding, enriching customers data with information describing the area in which they reside (eg . the type of building, number of units in the building, purchasing potential)


  • Less time needed to data unification before each use
  • Correct interpretation of business data
  • Increased data reliability
  • Less time needed for the preparation of data for future analyses
  • Decreased marketing campaign costs as the result of reduced number of duplicate shipments

Selected projects:

Intrum Justitia – Deployment of the data quality system for data deduplication and standardization (see details)

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