Analytical CRM

The key to success for many companies and institutions is a proper and individualized customer approach and well established customer relations.

We offer a range of solutions for customer data analysis, including:

  • Analytical support during various stages of customer’s lifecycle (acquisition, increasing the value and retention), covering:
    • analytical support of the creation of new products and services
    • identifying target groups for acquisition campaigns (ATL, BTL advertising)
    • customer segmentation and profiling
    • churn analysis – calculating the probability that a customer will stop using company’s services
    • cross & up-selling analysis
    • analysis of the effectiveness of customer communication channels
    • optimization of marketing campaigns
    • analyses of the efficiency of loyalty programs
    • customer Lifetime Value analysis – estimating the expected customer value based on the profit he/she is likely to generate in the future
    • optimization of retention campaigns, retention offer recommendations
  • Analytical support for database management: data quality monitoring, data cleaning, statistical analyses
  • Building data marts for analytical and reporting purposes
  • Analytical IT solutions designed to serve the entire analytical processes
  • Deployment of a marketing campaign planning and reporting system
  • Deployment of complex analytical CRM systems customized to the individual needs of customers
  • Cleaning customers’ address data, validation of such information as companies’ names, names/surnames, telephone numbers, postal codes etc.
  • Deployment of a software for data quality management
  • Geocoding, enriching customers data with information describing the area in which they reside (eg . the type of building, number of units in the building, purchasing potential)


  • Increased effectiveness of marketing campaign and lowered campaign costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty and decreased churn probability
  • Capability of analyzing in detail the course and results of campaigns
  • Better understanding of customer behavior
  • Improved leads quality
  • Reduced the amount of mistakenly sent promotional materials
  • Capability to systematically gather customer information

Selected projects:

KDD Cup 2009 and Orange – Customer Relationship predictions (Churn, Appetency, Up-selling) (see details)

Intrum Justitia – Deployment of the data quality system for data deduplication and standardization. (see details)

Polkomtel – Marketing campaigns support (see details)

SOS Children’s Villages Association –  Segmentation of donors and recommendations for data collection (see details)

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