Scoring Engine

Scoring Engine provides real-time scoring and rating of customers using various business rules or models

Due to its high flexibility, Scoring Engine can be applied everywhere, where one requires a system for efficient data processing and computation of various parameters concerning risk evaluation, monitoring of states, predicting statuses, determining the action to undertake, or calculating commissions .

Can be used for:

  • Credit scoring
  • Fraud detection
  • Effective advertising
  • On-line recommendations


  • Short time and low costs of deployment (2-4 weeks)
  • Guarantees high reliability and sclability – works with high volume data
  • Efficiency and high performance – can serve over 1 000 requests per second per node
  • Easy integration with external systems – can work as a web service
  • Can be implemented even in small and mid-sized companies, due to repeatable deployment process and its automation

Main features:

  • Processing of both scoring models as well as decision-making processes
  • Importing from various data sources (eg. application and behavioral data, dictionaries)
  • Working with data from external systems (eg. CRM, BPM, activation / debt collection)
  • Defining models of any structure using received scores as arguments to scoring codes of other models and importing scoring code from other sources (PMML)
  • Using scoring processes through various mechanisms (eg. cross-checking, verification of applications by expert rules and statistical scoring models)
  • Controlling the decision flow in the scoring engine by configuring the appropriate nodes
  • Implementation of models and decision-making processes from: the interface level – GUI, as a service via the web service, directly from AdvancedMiner suite

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Scoring Engine

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