Model Lifetime Manager

Model Lifetime Manager [MLM] automates the operational use of predictive models and ensures their continuous quality

Model Lifetime Manager monitors how the quality and stability of models changes over time with support for reporting of changes to model supervisors. MLM comprises a set of tools dedicated to supporting scoring calculations and automation for predictive models. It can be used in small, mid-sized as well as large organizations.

Main features:

  • User-friendly graphical interface (dashboards, configuration wizards)
  • Model lifecycle management in production environment
  • Managing a set of derived variables: central repository of variable definitions, generation of analytical tables
  • Efficient off-line scoring and propagation of scoring results to target systems
  • Automation of scoring tasks
  • Scoring code generation for groups of models
  • Automatic generation of KPI and detailed model reports
  • Generation of alerts when quality requirements for models’ KPI are not satisfied


  • Ensures high quality preditions for multiple models
  • Improves efficiency of business processes for CRM, Credit Check, Debt Collections, and other
  • Eliminates labour-intensive work of maintaining multiple models
  • Speeds up configuration and deployment of a scoring model
  • Can be handled by a business user

MLM operates in an environment consisting of an analytical mart, metadata and campaign management system. Its general role is to manage processes which periodically launch scoring tasks for approved models.

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Model Lifetime Manager

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