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AdvancedMiner Social Network Analysis [SNA] provides a completely new way of looking at your customer – not only as a separate entity, but as a member of a society

AdvancedMiner SNA models social relationships among persons e.g. customers of the company. The software is designed to enhance the available customer information with a set of statistics derived from the social network which they are part of. This network can be defined in many ways, depending on the available data and business needs. The analysis of social structures gives new possibilities of looking at clients and predicting their behavior.

AdvancedMiner SNA allows to:

  • Detect communities (e.g. communities of friends, relatives or business partners)
  • Identify customer social role within the community (in particular detect opinion leaders)
  • Measure the strength of customer influence on her/his surrounding community
  • Track the propagation of marketing messages among the customers
  • Visualize and intuitively explore network data


AdvancedMiner SNA can be used in:

Telecommunications sector

  • Helping with retaining customers, by finding those, who have a high probability of influencing others to make a churn decision
  • Increasing churn prediction efficiency by estimating the level of social pressure each client is under that lead to churn
  • Driving product marketing campaigns (Cross / Up-selling, viral marketing) by finding customers who have a high influence for similar product adoption
  • Reducing rotational churn by identifying accounts that have a very high social similarity

Financial and Insurance sectors

  • Detecting potentially fraudulent situations: like cash cycling to imitate cash flow, connection to known fraudulent accounts or identity manipulation
  • Retaining customers, by finding those, who have a high probability of influencing others to make a churn decision
  • Targeting marketing campaigns (Cross / Up-selling, viral marketing) by identifying high influence customers for the product adoption

Other sectors (e.g. social media, gaming …)

  • Depending on your business model, you can use AdvancedMiner SNA to increase Cross / Up-sell, optimize marketing and customer retention campaigns or recommend the best products for specific customer

Main features:

  • Identification of the customers who have the strongest social influence and those under the strongest social pressure for a given business application
  • Community detection and identification of the social role each customer plays in their community
  • A wide range of social measures and aggregates adjusted to the modelled business application
  • Detection of accounts with a high social similarity
  • Advanced network visualization and exploration
  • Exceptional performance and scalability
  • Integration with AdvancedMiner – a system for general data analysis and data mining
  • Seamless integration of SNA into existing business processes thanks to standard data input and output (e.g. direct ODBC connections, MS Excel reporting etc.)


Building social networks is based on internal data about connections between customers. For example, such data may include one of the following:

  • Phone calls or text messages
  • Money transfers
  • Interactions between on-line game players
  • Shopping history
  • Other data containing direct or indirect information on connections

Our SNA software and integrated analytical environment enable companies to make a profound change in their customers insights. To move from individual-customer-centric approach into extended social-customer-centric approach.

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AdvancedMiner Social Network Analysis

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