Churn and offer take-up prediction

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     Churn and offer take-up prediction

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Business challenge

Following research into a number of companies, Shopitize selected Algolytics as their preferred supplier to carry out a predictive modelling test project. The purpose of the project was to construct models in order to predict the probability of churn and offer take-up on Shoptize’s platform.


The scope of the project included:

  • Building an Analytical Data Mart, so that data became easy to manage in the analytical process,
  • Construction of a recommendation model to select offers most likely to be accepted by customers,
  • Construction of a churn model to calculate the probability that customers will not transact in the given period using behavioral historical data,
  • Analysis of the recommendation and churn models performance.

Algolytics’ AdvancedMiner and AdvancedMiner SNA systems were used during the project.


Algolytics’ predictive models increased the effectiveness in selecting the most probable churners as well as in selecting offers coresponding to customers’ needs.


We are extremely happy with the project results and everything we have seen from Algolytics.


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