Alior Bank - Automating the process of evaluating credit applications

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     Alior Bank

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     Efficient Applicational Scoring Engine

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Business challenge

The task was to implement a system which would automate the process of evaluating credit applications. The solution was to be characterized by highly efficient data processing and flexibility of configuration.


The solution delivered by Algolytics included:

  • Applicational Scoring Engine,
  • Analytical scoring models for the evaluation of credit applications.

The integration and communication with other IT systems of Alior Bank was based on the WebService platform.


Algolytics’ solution provides:

  • a wide range of parametrization,
  • high efficiency of data processing,
  • the possibility of managing various elements of a given credit strategy.

The user can, for instance, verify the scoring algorithms, cut-off points and their influence on the quality of the portfolio of granted credits.

With the Applicational Scoring Engine it is also possible to define, for example:

  • sets and structures of processed credit applications,
  • data validation and data consistency verification mechanisms,
  • expert rules and scoring models assigned to a given credit application.

Thanks to the system’s architecture it is possible to obtain high data processing efficiency. Furthermore, the number of applications being processed doesn’t influence the system’s performance.

The use of the WebService platform allows flexible integration of the Applicational Scoring Engine with other IT systems in the Bank.


The administration panel makes the task of system management simple and transparent. Even novice users don’t have any problems with understanding the system’s logic. Our experience with the solution delivered by Algolytics shows that it is possible to define and work with practically any data verification and data assessment processes.



Alior Bank is a nationwide universal bank, providing products for all market segments through two divisions: retail and business.
Alior Bank began operations in November 2008, combining traditional banking principles with innovative solutions and products. In December 2012 made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, conducting the largest private company in a public offering in the history of the WSE.

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