Since the founding of Algolytics our products and services are successfully used in the telecommunications sector. For telecom companies we offer a comprehensive analytical and operational support.

We support all customer-oriented business processes, from sales, through maintaining a good relationship with the service recipient, to customer retention precesses.

Our offer includes:

  • implementation of an integrated analytical platform to handle the entire analytical process,
  • customer relationship management: customer segmentation, planning and execution of marketing campaigns, support for Cross / Up-selling,
  • risk management: customer scoring, Fraud Detection,
  • construction of analytical models, i.e.: scoring, risk, simulation, anti-churn, LTV, recommendation,
  • customer deactivation (churn) analyses,
  • business analyses, eg. measuring ROI or the impact of various market events,
  • estimating the customer life cycle (LTV),
  • implementation of Social Network Analysis (SNA) software,
  • support for payment recovery: non-payment risk modeling, optimization of vindication paths, optimization of contact channels and hours,
  • forecasting the quality of services for radio network,
  • geocoding, enriching customers data with information describing the area in which they reside (eg. the type of building, number of units in the building, purchasing potential),
  • data quality analyses and implementation of data quality processes and tools.

Applying our analytical solutions enables telecom companies to fully exploit the potential of the collected data, in order to increase the effectiveness of operations and gain a competitive advantage in their market.

Selected clients:

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