We offer solutions aimed at predicting sales and stock levels, customer shopping behavior and other factors which are crucial for effective operations of companies from Retail/FMCG/e-commerce sectors.

Our offer includes:

  • predicting product sales (regular and promotional sales),
  • predicting products prices,
  • predicting stock levels and implementation of the system for automatic demand-stock forecasting,
  • customers relationship management covering: segmentation, Cross/Up selling, customer profiling, planning and execution of marketing campaigns, Conjoint analyses, product profitability analyses, churn analysis, Customer Lifetime Value analysis, etc.,
  • personalization of offers sent to customers and the implementation of recommendation system for automatic selection of products/services corresponding to the customers needs,
  • data analytics for loyalty programs, covering, eg.: estimating the value generated by the program, profiling customers, anticipating what prizes will be interested for clients etc.,
  • Fraud Detection,
  • cleaning customers’ address data, validation of such information as companies’ names, names/surnames, telephone numbers, postal codes etc.,
  • deployment of a software for data quality management,
  • geocoding, enriching customers data with information describing the area in which they reside (eg . the type of building, number of units in the building, purchasing potential).

Selected clients:

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